Source Code

These source-code files were reconstructed by Mike Stewart from dumps of the RETREAD 50 program stored in physical AGC core-rope modules (B1 and B2) belonging to the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California. The reconstruction was aided by pre-existing source code for the AGC programs RETREAD 44 and AURORA 12. Read about the process here. Assembling this source code with yaYUL produces core ropes identical to those of the physical modules. Page-number references refer to corresponding sections of RETREAD 44 source code. No printouts of RETREAD 50 program listings are available. New sections of the software (appearing in EXTENDED_VERBS_FOR_MODING.agc) have been disassembled; labels and comments have been either taken from similar code in later programs or, in cases where this was not possible, added by VirtualAGC for clarity.

000539,000002:                                                                                                  ## Copyright:   Public domain.
000540,000003:                                                                                                  ## Filename:    INPUT_OUTPUT_CHANNELS.agc
000541,000004:                                                                                                  ## Purpose:     Part of the source code for AGC program Retread 50. 
000542,000005:                                                                                                  ## Assembler:   yaYUL
000543,000006:                                                                                                  ## Contact:     Ron Burkey <>.
000544,000007:                                                                                                  ## Website:
000545,000008:                                                                                                  ## Mod history: 2019-06-12 MAS  Recreated from Computer History Museum's
000546,000009:                                                                                                  ##                              physical core-rope modules.

Page 14

000549,000012: E3,1421                        OUT0               EQUALS   10                                    
000550,000013: E3,1421                        DSALMOUT           EQUALS   11                                    
000551,000014: E3,1421                        CHAN13             EQUALS   13                                    
000552,000015: E3,1421                        MNKEYIN            EQUALS   15                                    
000553,000016: E3,1421                        NAVKEYIN           EQUALS   16                                    
000554,000017:                                                                                                  #  END OF CHANNEL ASSIGNMENTS

End of include-file INPUT_OUTPUT_CHANNELS.agc.  Parent file is MAIN.agc